Thursday, August 19, 2010


I'm deeply madly crazily inlove.
That 40 minutes was uncomfortable. My knees went weak, my mouth gone dry, and my whole body froze. I can't stop smiling, knowing that she's beside me on a passenger jeepney. 37 hours have already gone but I still feel her right by my side. Yesterday was a great day! I performed well on the duty, read advanced topics and wrote reflections on my life. What happened set my day right.
It was a lil bit unexpected. An overwhelming thing is that I was actually thinking about us the night before while listening to Jeepney Love Story. "I haven't rode a jeepney with her ever since." I thought. The next day, I was on my way to duty when the jeep stopped and Oh My, there she is. Everything went bright, and Angels went a-singing, and I was like "Hi. Ahmmm, san duty?". Whewww.

I feel so blessed.
Jesus, I didn't ask you yet you still gave me a chance to see her. I hope it's a sign from You. I hope 'she and I' can wait.


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