Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Death Anniversary..

a night 2 years ago..i ended up dying..dying of something..
something a heartless woman could ever do..
something more of a lie..
i thought she was just kidding..but being confirmed twice was enough to leave me on my bed with my phone on my lips, tears streaming from my eyes past my ears to the ground 5 feet below..
i was really ready to sleep when i received a text message from her that we have to have a cool off..
then i died, my soul died almost instantaneously..
I had the courage to ask her if it's really true, but it doesn't take any courage to change the truth..So I let myself alone to die and allowed anything slip away..
I can't cry any harder, how could she fucking do that.
After all? well, after anything!!

It's just a cool off ,eh? Come on, girls like her are the big fat liars..
She'll never be back, EVER.

So after 3 weeks, the expected happened, we broke up. I mean, she broke up with me..
I was buried deep down on the miry clay, I can't breathe..
So I decided to live again, again and again..
It's really hard to be struggling back to the surface..

Now that I am back here in the surface, I make sure not to walk on her grounds again..
never to return to the state where I was nothing like a big hindrance to everything she does..

enough is enough...
Looking back what had happened 2 years ago makes me laugh..So be it..hahaha

Soul Tie Broken at last......

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