Saturday, June 27, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince [My Reflection]w

JK Rowling once again, put my butt on the edge of my seat. She once again made me lunatic in the eyes of my friends (laughing at smiling without any viable reason).
Great great great talent of story telling, very nice plot.
Actually, I have read the book 2 years ago, but since it will be showed this july, I decided to read it. I finished off with the book in just 5 nights, 5 sleepless nights.

Why I love the books?
Bakit nga ba?

As 'muggles', we tend to seek other places when we're depressed. We play with our imagination so often that we watch movies that brings us to different worlds, like what Harry Potter brought us. A completely made up place, where anything is almost possible.
And as we are carried away by the Wizarding World, xempre, nag eenjoy tayo.

We want to be with the trio wherever they go.
I can't have enough of Harry Potter. Dyan muna sa ngayon, Malapit ko na kasi matapos yung Deathly Hallows, for the 2nd time.



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